Science Festival 2022:
Discover Science

What will science uncover next?

13 - 21 August 2022

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Science Festival is a week-long celebration of scientific knowledge, innovation and progress with a series of free events and activities for both students and the public.

From public lectures, expert-led masterclasses, panel discussions, games and activities, the festival has something for everyone. This year’s theme put a spotlight on discovery – what has science discovered so far and what will it uncover next. Find out how these scientific discoveries have changed our world and what the future of scientific exploration could look like.

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About Science Festival

The University of Melbourne Science Festival is hosted by the Faculty of Science as part of National Science Week. Now in its eighth year, the Festival is our chance to showcase the latest in research from across the whole University. Check out some highlights from last year's program.


Amber Kerwin
Science Festival Program Coordinator