Maths Roadshow

As a part of Science Festival and National Science Week, Professor Arun Ram will be hosting the free Maths Roadshow performances on maths and music for all ages.

Professor Ram is an internationally recognised mathematician and an inspirational teacher. The Maths Roadshow will be travelling around regional Victoria and to Sydney and is suitable for all ages, and all levels of interest and abilities in maths and music.

Maths & Music in Berlin, 1838: Elliptic Orbits, Kosmos & Beethoven

This performance will take you back to the salons of Abraham and Lea Mendelssohn in Berlin, 1828, to a gathering of some of the greatest scientific and musical minds of the day.

In the year 1828, Alexander von Humboldt set up a hut for measuring the Earth's magnetic field in the Mendelssohn garden, on his way to writing his treatise on the Universe, Kosmos. In the previous year Beethoven had died, leaving a controversial musical legacy, while Abel and Jacobi were in the midst of creating a mathematical revolution with the development of elliptic functions.

Discover the sounds of Beethoven, the elliptic orbits of the planets, and the thrill of the Kosmos, and experience the passion and exuberance that were the hallmark of the legendary Mendelssohn salon.

Maybe I Could Be A Mathematician - A story of growing up alongside vinyl, CD, MP3, and YouTube Premium

In this unique presentation he tells a series of stories, interweaving mathematics and music. Humorous, educational, personal, often all at once, these collected stories illuminate the remarkable journey of an enquiring mind who became a mathematician. A mathematical mixtape from a lifelong road trip.