The Salon of Electrical Experiments

Arts West, Research Lounge, Level 5, Arts West (North Wing)


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Gerhard Wiesenfeldt

The Salon of Electrical Experiments will recreate the setting of eighteenth century electrical research by performing historical experiments with replica instruments.

Electrical science started very differently from other sciences. Its origins are in public experiments, performed at courts and in the elegant salons of eighteenth century Europe.

These experimental performances were very popular as they provided both spectacular entertainment and educational value. They also provided a chance to participate directly in the progress of science.

Visitors to the Salon of Electrical Experiments will be able to participate in the recreation of these experiments and get a direct experience of the culture of science in the eighteenth century.

This event is part of the 2017 University of Melbourne Science Festival. 
Students, staff and the general public are all welcome to attend. Registrations required. 
Check out the full Science Festival Program.