Electrical brain stimulation for the masses

Latham Theatre, Redmond Barry Building


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Nick Haslam


Electrical brain stimulation for the masses: How science has shaped the adoption of a “new” way to change our minds

Speaker: Dr Jason Forte, School of Psychological Sciences

Imagine you could boost your brain using a 9 volt battery, a few readily available electronic parts, and two sponges. Transcranial direct current stimulation (or tDCS for short) has emerged as a cheap and easy way to try and influence how we think and feel.

The potential to treat conditions such as depression and fast track stroke rehabilitation has led to a large number of research studies investigating the effects of tDCS.

Sensational claims such as improved math ability, greater creativity and enhanced learning have driven a rapid increase in the availability of commercial and do it yourself tDCS devices. But how sure are we that tDCS is safe and effective?

Dr Forte will discuss the role of science in shaping our current understanding of tDCS and how science will play an important role in sorting fact from fiction.

This event is part of the 2017 University of Melbourne Science Festival.
Students, staff and the general public are all welcome to attend. Registrations required.
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