Augmented Studio

Frank Tate Building


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Lizzie Crouch

Augmented Studio is an augmented reality system that projects virtual anatomy on the moving human body. It places the body at the centre of an enhanced environment, revealing anatomy usually hidden by our skin through projections in order to help with the understanding of body movements.

For BLOOD: ATTRACT & REPEL, the Augmented Studio will allow people to ‘see’ their heartbeat and/or blood pumping as it is projected onto their bodies. Using wearable technologies heartbeats will be captured and the timing of the virtual circulatory system projected on the body will match that of the visitor.

Mon 14 Aug - Fri 18 Aug, 12.00pm - 6.00pm.

This event is part of the 2017 University of Melbourne Science Festival, and the Science Gallery Exhibition BLOOD: ATTRACT & REPEL.
Students, staff and the general public are all welcome to attend. No registrations required, just turn up!
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